Dance & Film





A film choreographed and directed by Hallie Scott

Cinematographer: Tracy Nystrom
Music: "Gooey" by Glass Animals
Dancers:Cheryl Delostrinos, CarliAnn Forthun, Chloe Goolsby, Megan Erickson, Becca Smith


Premiered at Next Fest Dance Cinema 2014 

Shown at the Northwest Film forum, Seattle, WA

Produced by Velocity Dance Center

Special Thanks to Christina Bassani and the Bassani Family

The REd Fox Dances


Choreographed and performed by Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Austin Nguyen, and Fausto Rivera

Musical collaboration with the Screaming Multitudes and Kevin Lavitt

Performed at Machine House Brewery in Georgetown, Seattle, WA 

The unbreakable ones

part 1:Hallie 

a film Choreographed, directed, and edited by Alice Gosti

Cinematographer:Adam sekuler 

Dancer: Hallie Scott

Premiered at Next Fest Dance Cinema 2014 

shown at the Northwest film forum, seattle WA

Produced by Velocity Dance Center

To Knot a hare

a film choreographed and directed by Hallie Scott

Cinematography:Sebastien Scanduzzi

Dancer: Chloe goolsby

produced by KT Niehoff and Velocity Dance Center

premiered at strictly Seattle dance festival


Au Collective's first production

12th  ave  Arts  Theater

September 10, 11, 12  2015

























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video by Andrew Imanaka




The red fox dances

Choreographers and dancers:Hallie scott, cheryl delostrinos, austin nguyen, fausto rivera

musical collaborators:the screaming multitudes and kevin levitt

performed for the 2014 georgetown carnival

at Machine house brewery




a film directed and edited by Hallie Scott

cinematographer:Tracy Nystrom

Dancers:megan erickson, chloe goolsby, carliann forthun, becca smith, and cheryl delostrinos

music:gooey by glass animals


premiered at next dance cinema 2014

shown at the northwest film forum, seattle, wa

produced by velocity dance center


special thanks to christina bassani























The Unbreakable ones

Part 1:Hallie

a film choreographed and directed by:alice gosti

cinematographer:Adam Sekuler

premiered at next dance cinema 2014

shown at the northwest film forum, seattle, wa

festival produced by velocity dance center



Rest- Less


























Choreographed by Erica Badgeley

dancers:Hallie Scott and Fausto Rivera

performed at Boost dance festival 2014

at the Erickson Theater in Seattle, WA

Photo credit: Jazzyphoto




choreographed and performed by Hallie scott

music:part i of orfeo ed erudice by christoph willibald gluck

premiered at 12 minutes max 2013

at on the boards

photography by Tim Summers

to see a recording of the full performance please follow this



green hands


choreographed and performed by hallie scott and austin nguyen

performed across seattle at venues including Machine house brewery, trigger new dance happenings, the pink door, Influx, and whatever party we happen to be at...

Opening Doors: Celebrating 50 years of dance at the University of Washington


"To Knot a Hare" 

film directed/edited: Hallie Scott

cinematography:sebastien scandiuzzi

Dancer:chloe goolsby

produced by kt niehoff 

and velocity dance center


premiered at strictly seattle dance

festival 2014


Shown at UW Opening Doors

dance film screening Oct 16, 2015








Past Work:


From SEa

An Au Collective Production

SEt and costume design, artistic installation design for

 Imana Gunawan's work entitled

"untuk ibu, untuk sri"

Scott also danced for Choreographers Randy Ford and Alicia Mullikin



Table&Chairs Second Wednesdays

One-time curation by Hallie Scott

featuring dance by Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Angel  Alviar-Langley, Imana Gunawan, El Nyberg, Lorraine Lau

Live Music by Table&Chairs

feb  8,  2017


The Vermillion art gallery and bar



Legendary Children


Produced by the Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Public Libraries

Including Choreography by Au Collective's Fausto Rivera

Co-presented with: Center for MultiCultural Health, HIV Vaccine Trials Unit, #LuluNation, Fred Hutchison: defeatHIV Community Advisory Board, Legacy Project, Gay City, La Sala, Pride Asia, Youth Speaks Seattle

November 5, 2017

WATCH a video of the performance here:





Flashpoint: An Evening of Contemporary Dance 





















"From Sea"

Including work by Au Collective choreographers: Imana Gunawan & Cheryl Delostrinos

Vashon Center for the Arts: Katherine L. White Hall

Photo Credit: Andrew Imanaka





Out of Sight

A month-long multi-media arts festival

Produced by Vital 5 Productions

performance art curated by molly sides

Held  on  the top  floor of  king  street  station 


August 4, 2016

Au  Collective


August  27,  2016

Au choreographers Imana Gunawan and Hallie Scott




SAM Remix


















Produced by the seattle art museum

Including work by Au choreographers Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, fausto rivera, and Angel Alviar-Langley

August 26, 2016







UW 2016 annual Alumni Event: Mighty Tieton Block Party














Au collective choreographers: Hallie SCott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Fausto Rivera, and Angel Alviar-Langley

Au collective Management and Tech: Megan Erickson




October  13-14, 2016 

12th  Avenue  Arts  Theater

Choreography by Au Collective Choreographers Imana Gunawan and Becca Smith

Produced by Washington Ensemble Theatre



Bodies of water















Choreographed by: Alice Gosti

Produced  by velocity dance center and the friends of the waterfront

July 16, 2016

Photo Credit: Tim Summers






bayanihan: A Collection of Physical Tales















Au Choreographer: Cheryl Delostrinos

Au Dancers: Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Randy Ford,

Imana Gunuwan, Fausto Rivera, Sam Picart, lorraine Lau

Produced by on the boards

Premiered at Northwest New works, Main stage

June 10-11, 2016





Diamonds (in two parts)


















Au Choreographer: Imana Gunuwan

Au Dancers: Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Randy Ford, El Nyberg, Rebecca Smith, Imana Gunuwan, and Angel Langley

Produced by Exit Space

broadway performance hall

April 30 - May 1, 2016




Wali Panca

Au Choreographer: Imana Gunuwan

Au Dancers: Hallie Scott, Cheryl Delostrinos, Randy Ford, El Nyberg, Rebecca Smith

Presented at NEXT FEST NW 2015: UTOPIA

at Velocity Founders Theater
DEC 11-13, 2015